Open Source Artwork: Mushroom Tree

Personal projects are awesome, and it always feels nice to finish one. This time though, rather than just share the end result, I wanted to share a bit more.

Under the name of "Open Source Artwork" I'm sharing the full scene, with all of the textures and models included, even the HDR used to light the scene. Even though I bought the original HDR at HDRI Hub, I worked with them to be able to release a free scaled down sample of it. You can use this included 2K HDR any way you'd like. Be sure to check out HDRI Hub's full selection of products on the website.

The tree bark and leaf textures were downloaded from Episcura, who were also kind enough to agree to supply scaled down versions of the textures to include. The original hi res versions can be downloaded for free once you create an account on their website. They have a very good, ever growing selection of textures, so be sure to check them out as well!

Assets included in this archive:

- Blender scene file with textures
- 3ds Max GrowFx scene
- GrowFX Preset
- Tree FBX model


Environment HDR:
 - Free 2K sample generously provided by HDRI Hub
 - Original: HDR #141 - 14336px x 7168px

Tree Textures
 - Provided by Episcura
 - Tree Bark: Original Size: 1896px x 4764px
 - Twig Bark: Original Size: 3648px x 5472px
 - Leaf: Original Size: 1082px x 1758px

5 Free Blossoming Cherry Tree Models

It's time for another set of trees! As I'm grasping GrowFX more and more, it's nice to experiment a little bit. Instead of using basic leaves, I modeled a simple cherry blossom to use as the "leaves". The polycount did increase drastically per tree though, coming in around 10 million polygons per tree.

Here's a front view of all five trees, rendered with the included textures.

Textures are again included for this pack. The render below is a little close for the detail to hold up, but gives a nice idea of what the structure's like. I really like the colours in this one, feels like an old-school video games FMV. (If that makes sense...)
Anyway, as always I hope you enjoy messing around with these, I had fun creating them. :)

Download the pack from the resources page

A close-up of the branch structure.

5 Hi-Res Birch Tree Models with Textures

Birch Material ID's

Time for the next tree pack! This time I've created 5 Birch trees for use in your own projects. They also include the textures I made the render with.

All of the textures were shot in a park by me, as I wanted something to give away that I owned. There's a few elements for the seamless bark textures you can experiment with. A displacement map is also included. This is where all the division of Material ID's comes in. For example, you could put a lot of displacement on the tree trunk, but have a separate material for the branches with less or no displacement.

For the leaves you have diffuse, reflection and bump maps for both sides. The diffuse map is also available in 3 different colors for some variation in the leaves.

As with the other packs, and ID list is included to make sense of the material ID's. Everything I share here is free for use & redistribution, as long as you mention my name. Enjoy!

Download the pack from the resources page

5 Hi-Res Free Spruce Trees

This is the second set of trees I'm giving away, it can be found on the new resources page. I've switched to FBX as the format, as I found there was a lot of problems with the OBJ format the previous pack was exported to, which has also been converted to FBX.

The zips now also contains and ID List, which is easier reference than having to refer to the website. Size has also increased considerably, with this zip coming in at 2.2GB. Below is quick render to show the trees.

As always, if you have any suggestions on improving these packs in the future, be sure to let me know in the comments.


10 Free Hi-Res Generic Tree Models

A while back I finally found some time to start learning GrowFX and it's been a lot of fun! I highly recommend looking at it if you're looking to make your own vegetaion for your scenes.

The models I've been making with lately are starting to shape up quite nicely. As I'm still just experimenting I decided to share some of my creations. The first of these is a pack of 10 "generic" trees. They haven't been modeled after any particular species, but if you need quickly some models to populate your scene these could work out for you.

The render below was made with the tree pack and Grass Generator, using textures found at All the trees are in OBJ format, no textures are included. The pack is about 1.2 GB to download.


As you can see from the screenshot to the left, all of the models include roots. The Material ID's and UV are also prepared for easy texturing.

Material ID's 1 through 5 are for the roots, trunk, branches and twigs, ID's 6 through 8 are for the leaves.