Free Landscape Pack, UI Designs & Blender Motion Graphics Update

Blender files for these shots are also included! :)

Another big update this time, as it's been a busy few months.

First off, check out this free landscape pack I created!
It's licensed under the public domain, so you can use it however you want. All of the texture sets are 8K resolution and include displacement maps, flow masks, height masks, normal maps and more. All of them were created using World Machine and the source files are also available. That way you can generate endless variations yourself if you have World Machine!

There's also fairly high resolution meshes included in OBJ format, as well as nine example blender files to take a look at. There's also an included PDF overview and a quick start video to get you rolling quickly.

So why did I license this CC0? Well, to be honest, I'd rather people use these and be happy with some free stuff, than try and monetize all of this. I created all of them in my free time exploring World Machine and just wanted to share it without limitations. Of course, if you end up using them and want to send me a link to the result, I'll be more than happy to check it out! ;)

You can download it in a variety of ways, as the full pack with all the content is about 5GB. I understand that not everyone can easily transfer this amount of data, so here's all you options:

  • Download the full pack with everything included. (5GB)
  • Download just the textures and meshes. (3GB)
  • Browse for individual files.

All of this can be found on the Resources page of the site. (DOWNLOAD LINK)

Download this scene and more!

Download this scene and more!

A few weeks ago, I ended up creating a few UI designs (like the one shown) which are available as a free download from the Blender Cloud. After creating one for the Blender Motion Graphics series, I caught the UI / Hologram bug a little and had some fun. So be sure to check those out as well!

There's 5 available right now, and I might add more in the future if / when I end up creating them.

Speaking of the Motion Graphics training, it was an absolute pleasure working with everyone over at the Blender Institute, and I want to thank them again for giving me the chance. I'm very pleased with the end result and I hope I can help some people along with the variety of content included.

It was definitely an interesting experience doing many short videos, rather than just one long YouTube tutorial and I learned a lot from it too. All the feedback I've received is very welcome as well and for that I thank everyone who commented. :)

Over on YouTube, the WEIRD SH!T series has slowly continued as well and we're already up to episode 5! More Workflow Logs have been added too and I should be able to get back to recording more of them soon.

10 Free Freshly Squeezed (Photoscanned) Fruit Models

So it's been no secret that I've been focusing on photogrammetry for a while now. After a long delayed camera upgrade, I've finally finished a new set of photoscanned models for you to download.

The difference with the previous models is that all of these have been retopologised, making a lot more suitable to just drop them in a scene. Also, the file size of the download has decreased significantly, even with the 2K textures included.

Below is a short promo made with the models, to give you an idea of the quality. And feel free to check out each individual one on Sketchfab.

Download them now from the resources page!

11 Free Freshly Scanned Bread Models

It's time for some more free models! This time it's 11 scanned models of bread. As I'm getting better at photogrammetry I decided I'd share some of the objects I've been scanning.

You'll find a range of different buns in the pack, each with its own set of textures containing a 4K diffuse, normal and specular map. All models are in OBJ format ready for import. Why OBJ? This ensures everyone can use these models, regardless of the software they're using. The image above was created with the models in Blender, and rendered with Cycles. I've been having a lot of fun exploring what Blender has to offer. Same for the short promo clip.

You can use the models in any type of work, whether it be personal or commercial. If you do share the models with people, please give them the direct download link. As usual, I'd love to see some of the work done with these, so feel free to share your results.

Download the models on the resources page.

5 Free Blossoming Cherry Tree Models

It's time for another set of trees! As I'm grasping GrowFX more and more, it's nice to experiment a little bit. Instead of using basic leaves, I modeled a simple cherry blossom to use as the "leaves". The polycount did increase drastically per tree though, coming in around 10 million polygons per tree.

Here's a front view of all five trees, rendered with the included textures.

Textures are again included for this pack. The render below is a little close for the detail to hold up, but gives a nice idea of what the structure's like. I really like the colours in this one, feels like an old-school video games FMV. (If that makes sense...)
Anyway, as always I hope you enjoy messing around with these, I had fun creating them. :)

Download the pack from the resources page

A close-up of the branch structure.

5 Hi-Res Birch Tree Models with Textures

Birch Material ID's

Time for the next tree pack! This time I've created 5 Birch trees for use in your own projects. They also include the textures I made the render with.

All of the textures were shot in a park by me, as I wanted something to give away that I owned. There's a few elements for the seamless bark textures you can experiment with. A displacement map is also included. This is where all the division of Material ID's comes in. For example, you could put a lot of displacement on the tree trunk, but have a separate material for the branches with less or no displacement.

For the leaves you have diffuse, reflection and bump maps for both sides. The diffuse map is also available in 3 different colors for some variation in the leaves.

As with the other packs, and ID list is included to make sense of the material ID's. Everything I share here is free for use & redistribution, as long as you mention my name. Enjoy!

Download the pack from the resources page

5 Hi-Res Free Spruce Trees

This is the second set of trees I'm giving away, it can be found on the new resources page. I've switched to FBX as the format, as I found there was a lot of problems with the OBJ format the previous pack was exported to, which has also been converted to FBX.

The zips now also contains and ID List, which is easier reference than having to refer to the website. Size has also increased considerably, with this zip coming in at 2.2GB. Below is quick render to show the trees.

As always, if you have any suggestions on improving these packs in the future, be sure to let me know in the comments.


10 Free Hi-Res Generic Tree Models

A while back I finally found some time to start learning GrowFX and it's been a lot of fun! I highly recommend looking at it if you're looking to make your own vegetaion for your scenes.

The models I've been making with lately are starting to shape up quite nicely. As I'm still just experimenting I decided to share some of my creations. The first of these is a pack of 10 "generic" trees. They haven't been modeled after any particular species, but if you need quickly some models to populate your scene these could work out for you.

The render below was made with the tree pack and Grass Generator, using textures found at All the trees are in OBJ format, no textures are included. The pack is about 1.2 GB to download.


As you can see from the screenshot to the left, all of the models include roots. The Material ID's and UV are also prepared for easy texturing.

Material ID's 1 through 5 are for the roots, trunk, branches and twigs, ID's 6 through 8 are for the leaves.


Vray Script Pack

Hey everyone,

I've decided to release the following scripts "as is". I don't work with Vray all that much anymore, as Corona keeps getting me the results that I need. I wanted to release these for people who might be able to use these as a starting point to make more out of them.

The pack consists of 4 scripts, one more useful than the other. The two smallest / simplest scripts are VrayCAM and VrayVFB. VrayCAM creates a VrayPhysicalCamera from the current Perpective view, emulating the Ctrl-C shortcut in 3ds Max and VrayVFB is a command to show the Vray Frame Buffer, whithout having to go the your render settings.

Then we have VrayMAT, which gives your control over material samples and map blurs scenewide. This can generally be used to reset some settings if you've been messing around shaders. It's goal is to quickly set some key values up in materials / common maps.

The last script, VrayOPT, is a little more complicated and may be of some use to quite a few people. It's a script to optimize your Vray render settings based on the great article by Akin Bilgic I featured a while back and the tutorial that followed by John O'Connell showing this process in action.
I highly recommend checking these two links out before using the script, as the workflow described in them is the same one the script uses.

All these scripts were developed for 3ds Max 2013/2014 and Vray 2.40.04. I don't know if these will get updated, as I don't use Vray all that often anymore, but wanted to share them with you anyway.

Download them from GitHub.