Corona 101: Hit the ground rendering

Hi there!

With the release of Corona 1.0 recently, I wanted to make some videos for new users to get acquainted with it. There's 3 videos which talk about material creation, basic lighting and render settings respectively.

I've been using Corona since one of the first alpha builds and it's been my main renderer for over a year now, with most of the work on my blog being created with it. As I mention in the videos, this is just my opinion on why I like using it. There's no need to start a discussion about which renderer is better, because it all comes down to the workflow you like to use.

That's why these videos are intended for people who are new to Corona to have a look at, outlining basic usage.

If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, you've got two options:

- A free fully functional 45-day trial: No watermarks, no resolution limit and you can even use it for commercial work.

- Corona Alpha 6: This version works up to 3ds Max 2014 and will remain free forever. Even though it's an alpha version, it's very capable.

Check out the Corona website for more info.

If you're looking for more, the Corona documentation also has some great resources. Because it's a very community driven project, posting in the forum is also a great way to ask questions.

Enjoy the videos!

EDIT 12/03: Now in stereo! Audio has been fixed. :)

Phoenix FD settings overview

If you're a Vray user, chances are you might have heard of Phoenix FD, or have even used it. The amount of information available about it isn't all that great though. But it's quite a capable fluid solver, if you know what you're doing.
And therein lies the problem... Without a lot of adequate information it's sometimes hard to get the results you're after. Luckily, sometimes there's someone who wants to take the time and effort to get the bottom of things, such as user mrLonelyHawkYT on YouTube, who has graciously gone through a lot of the core settings of Phoenix FD and has made a great number of comparison videos. I've linked a sample video below, but sure to check out the full playlist here.