TUTORIAL: Hidden line rendering in 3ds Max

I came across a post on the Autodesk Area 3ds Max Forums asking about how to render a hidden line look (with a glow). My first quick attempts with a Standard material set to "Wire" didn't quite hit the mark. I noticed using that using this material tends to override any other shaders you combine it with. (Blend, Composite,...)

So I tried to approach the hidden line effect from a different angle. A gradient map set to "Box" and its interpolation set to "Solid", combined with and UVW Map modifier set to "Face" can produce a hidden line look. This could be enough to use in production if you're not concerned with the alpha channel being fully white for your entire object. Setting the render to Add / Screen / Plus in your compositing package can yield the result you want when using black are your base colour in the gradient map.

I like to be thorough though, so combining this technique with a Blend shader and a Matte shader not only gave me the desired result but also a clean alpha channel containing only the lines. I decided to make a quick tutorial explaining the process. This is the first tutorial I've made so if you have any comments for improvement, let me know.