36 Days of Type!

A friend of mine put me on to the 36 days of type a few weeks back. I have to admit I'd never heard of it but I thought it would be nice to give it a go, after seeing what it's all about.
Basically, you create an image a day with that day's letter or number and post in on Instagram.

What I didn't expect to happen was that I would be working hard in my spare time to keep up with posting a letter every day. With the end of the alphabet drawing near, we're soon down to the last 10 days, which is all about numbers.

So if you haven't heard of this like I have, take a look at what everyone is creating and maybe give a few numbers a try. (Post instructions are here)
I've found that as the weeks have progressed, it has challenged me to really perfect my skills and try out a lot of new things. :)

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Behind the Scenes: Motion Picture Sound Design

Michael Coleman's channel on vimeo has a great collection of behind the scenes footage and interviews for quite a lot of major motion pictures. An often slightly overlooked aspect of filmmaking (in the general public's eye) is nicely brought into focus by this ongoing series under the name of "SoundWorks Collection".

They can also be found at Soundworkscollection.comBe warned though, I lost an afternoon to these!