Caught in the Rain

I decided to take a little experiment from a few months back a little further. You can find the original post here. I really liked working on the image and the general feel the raw render had.

The lighting felt like the first rain was about to hit and it's a moment I really wanted to capture. Weather effects were added with After Effects and two standard plugins. CC Mercury for the drops on the lens and CC Particle World for the rain.

I only needed the camera from Max quickly and used a great script called Sk-Films: Camera Exporter from Scriptspot. This way, I could align the CC Particle World spawn with the view to simulate the rain drops.

Just like the previous image, this was rendered with Corona (A6 this time). Frames took about ~18 minutes to render at 720p, the bricks were done using displacement. I really like how Corona handles this as well, it feels fast and easy to work with, giving you just the right amount of control.

I'm happy with the overall result, the image reflects (no pun intended) what I set out to express with it.

A Place to Rest

Something I've been working on in bits and pieces lately.

I had a lot of fun creating this, again rendering with Corona (alpha v5). The chair model is a free model from Designconnected, they've got a lot of great free and commercial models, be sure to check them out!

It took quite a while to render, as all the incoming illumination is bounced light coming from the sun on the vegetation outside. The floor went through quite a few iterations as well, I eventually bought some great wood textures from 3D ocean.

The models for the two books in the front are free ones from Turbosquid. Click here for the top one, here for the bottom one.