#BCON17, DAC-FRA, another 20 VJ loops and a monkey called Suzanne

A few months ago I wrote about all the upcoming events and now it's time to look back and reflect.

Starting with DAC-FRA, I had a great time attending and meeting everyone. It was a really fun conference in terms of just hanging out and talking about everyone's art. Adding on to that, the titles I designed for them were received really well. (More on that in just a second.)
I was happy with how my talk went, which was recorded and has since been posted on YouTube.

Fast forward almost two months and I'm in front of an audience at the Blender Conference for another talk. This time the focus is just on DAZE as I accomplished what I set out to do by creating 60 unique VJ loops for the event. Even with a few presentation issues I think the talk went well and my point came across.


On top of that, I even won a Suzanne award for Best Design with the DAC-FRA titles. I didn't expect this to happen at all, as I was already blown away by getting nominated in the first place. Therefore, I'm extending a big thanks to everyone who voted for me, I'm super stoked to receive the award! If you're interested in how I created them, there's also an archived livestream available where I explain some of the more interesting parts of the production.

So what's next?

Well, the next 20 VJ loops are now publicly available for download.
As before, they're all licensed under a public domain (CC0) license so you're free to use them how you want.
Credit is always welcome, but not necessary, as I want people to be able to use them for anything.

DAZE is coming up in a week, so there's one last push to be done to get the word out to more people. That being said, I'm ready to go and think it will be an awesome party!

Corona and some... jelly?!

So I've been messing around with Corona for quite a while now. If you haven't heard about this renderer be sure to have a look at the website! The Corona forum is a great place to ask questions and get the latest updates.

Now for the jelly. I wanted something to test Corona with animation wise, so I created this just fooling around. It's done with MassFX particles in Particle Flow, using the glue to keep them together and give the jelly it's soft body movement.

Then, to light it all I used a single overhead rectangular Corona light. A free HDRI was used for some added reflections, courtesy of user zbyg on DeviantArt.

The result isn't anything spectacular, it was just a test after all. At 100 passes Corona gets a frame rendered at around 10 minutes on an i7 3770.