5 Hi-Res Birch Tree Models with Textures

Birch Material ID's

Time for the next tree pack! This time I've created 5 Birch trees for use in your own projects. They also include the textures I made the render with.

All of the textures were shot in a park by me, as I wanted something to give away that I owned. There's a few elements for the seamless bark textures you can experiment with. A displacement map is also included. This is where all the division of Material ID's comes in. For example, you could put a lot of displacement on the tree trunk, but have a separate material for the branches with less or no displacement.

For the leaves you have diffuse, reflection and bump maps for both sides. The diffuse map is also available in 3 different colors for some variation in the leaves.

As with the other packs, and ID list is included to make sense of the material ID's. Everything I share here is free for use & redistribution, as long as you mention my name. Enjoy!

Download the pack from the resources page